4QCatalyst develops solutions and provides consulting services for companies focused on Baby Boomer, healthy aging, and longevity markets.

Our mission is to catalyze innovations for health and well being during every life’s fourth quarter.

4QCatalyst  Consulting

We provide strategic, technical development, and intellectual property consulting services.

4QCatalyst offers interactive on-site programs for corporate and nonprofit clients, including 4Q Market Insight  programs and 4Q Design Thinking workshops  Our customized programs enhance organizational understanding of the Boomer and healthy aging, and longevity market sectors and stimulate internal product and service innovation.

Competitive Intelligence Services

4QCatalyst  provides Competitive Intelligence reports on leaders in the healthy aging, longevity, and Baby Boomer markets. Market Insight reports cover new product technologies, launch strategies, competitive landscape analysis, and customer adoption rates.

In our customized Intellectual Property (IP) Reports, 4QCatalyst IP experts track the intellectual property strategies and product plans of industry leaders and innovative new entrants.  We  also provide in-depth patent landscape analysis, IP scanning, and patent analysis services.

Customer Catalyzed Design

4QCatalyst works with Baby Boomer  consumers, independent living communities, healthy aging service providers, families and care providers to research, articulate, and integrate end user perspectives at every stage of service and product  ideation, design, development, and testing.

Sponsored 4Q Living by Design workshops are tailored to facilitate in-depth customer responses and client insights into current and planned solutions by engaging Baby Boomers in structured design thinking exercises, rapid prototyping, and solution testing.

These interactive workshops are hosted by independent living communities, social, nonprofit, and professional organizations.

More Info

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