Active Aging: Consumer Perceptions and Attitudes

A recent research report by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), Active Aging: Consumer Perceptions and Attitudes, surveyed adults over 65 and caregivers between 18 and 64 about their attitudes to home health monitoring and personal wellness monitors for older adults in the home.

Asked about monitoring and active aging technology 64% of respondents over 65 were willing to adopt smart home monitoring technology in order to stay at home and live more independently.  Caregivers were even more positive about the potential benefits of active aging technology.  Among the most desired solutions were medication reminders and sensor applications that could monitor the completion of daily tasks like turning off the stove as well as personal safety and health monitoring.

Despite a generally positive attitude towards the value of active aging technologies in the home, significant barriers to adoption were also reported.  Over 75% of older respondents felt that they would need help in using any new technology and expressed concerns about the costs involved.  Both caregivers and older adults raised issues about the privacy implications of remote home monitoring.