Innovations in Circular Design at Dublin’s Rediscovery Centre

Dr. Sarah Miller, the CEO of the Rediscovery Centre, Ireland’s national center for the Circular Economy doesn’t mince words in describing the importance of governments, companies, and consumers adopting circular economy strategies,

“….people are beginning to realise that the Circular Economy is the only way we’re going to survive this climate crisis. We have to start living within our means when it comes to natural resources. It’s all about living and working with the resources that we have in a more efficient way.”

Speaking in an interview with the Irish Examiner, Dr. Miller described the four social enterprises operating at the Rediscovery Centre today, focused on Fashion, Furniture, Paint, and Cycling.  In addition to incubating innovative business programs, Rediscovery delivers educational and lifestyle workshops to about 15,000 people each year to build environmental awareness.  Not least, Dr. Miller is active in developing national and regional policy related to the Circular Economy in Ireland.  She brings a strong academic and research background to her role, with a degree in Biotechnology and a PHD in Environmental Science in Waste Conversion Technologies.  She worked in academia and then as an environmental manager in the waste sector before founding the Rediscovery Centre in 2005.

Read more at the Rediscovery Centre website: and in the Irish Examiner article: