Lawrence Kosick: Learning Fast as Co-Founder of GetSetUp

I asked Lawrence Kosick, co-founder of GetSetUp, what has surprised him most since launching GetSetUp as a peer-to-peer online learning community for older adults.  Lawrence told me that surprises have been nonstop since GetSetUp launched in 2019.  But one totally unexpected surprise stands out for him.  To find out what hat was, read on. You can also and the interview highlights on this LinkedIn video:

Summarizing the lessons he learned in the early days of GetSetUp, Lawrence notes:

  • When your company is a pioneer, get used to writing the playbook as you go along
  • Adopt a test fast – learn fast mindset
  • Put your users first, listen to them, and focus on improving their experience with every change
  • When your Dad calls to give feedback, answer the phone!

The unexpected big surprise?  All the people who have congratulated GetSetUp for recruiting and training a cadre of instructors over 50 to teach learners over 50, to create a true peer-to-peer learning experience. As Lawrence puts it,

“GetSetUp should have been the first folks to figure this out. We’re glad we did, finally, but it doesn’t sound like that earth shattering of an idea.” 

Thank you again, #LawrencKosick, for sharing your startup insights as a guest speaker in my Entrepreneurship class at Boston College.  Since launching in 2019 with co-founders #LawrenceKosick, #NeilDsouza and #DevalDelivala GetSetUp has grown to reach over 4 million older adults through hundreds of online courses.