Products that monitor and report on every move of aging Baby Boomers may support aging in place, but many seniors are wary about the loss of privacy involved in allowing video cameras and connected devices to track them at home 24 hours a day.  HomeEXCEPT, a startup based in Halifax, Canada, deliberately built its home monitoring solution around thermal sensors to combine peace of mind with respect for privacy.  Company founder and CEO John Robertson emphasized in an interview with ITBusiness Canada that “any monitoring device he designed would need to include at least three characteristics to promote ease of use and protect privacy: it had to be non-intrusive, could not rely on Wi-Fi, and could not incorporate a camera.”   Robertson and his team also worked closely with seniors and their families throughout the product design and development process.

HomeEXCEPT (for exceptional peace of mind) impressed the AARP Innovation contest judges, winning top recognition in the Health and Safety Awareness category and the $10,000 Grand Prize for overall best healthy aging innovation in 2017.

The AARP prize citation  highlights how the winning innovation “Uses a thermal sensor to identify objects and movement in the home including humans, pets, fire, stove, open window etc. The data moves over cellular IoT to the company’s cloud platform. In fractions of a second the AI interprets the data into insights that are then made available to users through the web, email, and instant messaging.”