Starting Up Smarter – Book Launch Event at AGENCY

Mary J Cronin, author of Starting Up Smarter: Why Founders Over 50 Build Better Companies, welcomes founders Wendy Gutterson, President of Physician Management Resources, and Paul Tasner, CEO of PulpWorks who were featured in StartingUpSmarter as first-time entrepreneurs who have built multi-million-dollar companies from the ground up.   To celebrate the book launch, Wendy and Paul will share their experiences as founders over 50.

Expect a lively discussion, with plenty of time for your questions and breakouts so you can get to know fellow Founders Over 55 community members and meet potential partners for your business.  All ages, stages, sectors, and backgrounds are welcome to this free event!

Featured Speakers

Mary J. Cronin, Research Professor of Management at Boston College, the President of 4Q Catalyst, and the author of several best sellers. Her strategic consulting focuses on business transformation, social impact, the future of work, and entrepreneurial success.

Wendy Gutterson, President and Founder, Physician Management Resources (PMR Consulting), working with physicians and other health care providers who are struggling with administrative challenges, to help them maximize their income AND enjoy taking care of patients.

Paul Tasner, CEO and Founder, PulpWorks, a company founded in response to the worldwide plastic pollution crisis. To address this environmental tragedy, we design and manufacture eco-friendly packaging for consumer products. Our patented Karta-Pack™ is a direct replacement for the toxic and pervasive plastic blister pack. It’s comprised of 100% recycled pulp and paper, contains no plastic of any kind, and can be composted or recycled.

Moderated by Danielle D. Duplin, cofounder, AGENCY: Worldwide Innovation for Living Longer and Aging Better; and executive producer, ecosystem builder, and coach.