Baseball Goes Circular: SC Johnson, Milwaukee Brewers team up to recycle PET cups

PlasticsToday reports that the Milwaukee-based SC Johnson company is teaming up with the Milwaukee Brewers to promote the recycling of plastic cups, one of the biggest sources of recyclable waste in sports. Over a million drinking cups are used by Brewers baseball fans at the ball park during a typical season.

To redirect these cups into new uses, specially labeled receptacles will be placed across the park to separate SC Johnson branded cups from other forms of waste.  SC Johnson intends to reuse this plastic waste in the production of its “Scrubbing Bubbles” bottles.

This partnership marks one of the first significant attempts by a professional sports team in the United States to create a closed-loop recycling system for products consumed by fans during games.

It is part of a number of waste-reduction, Circular Economy programs initiated by SC Johnson over the past few years to repurpose recycled plastic in its products lines, including a global partnership between SC Johnson and Plastic Bank to open more than 500 recycling centers around the world to help combat ocean plastic crisis.

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